Hello there! My name is Asyraf. I am 17 18 years old and I like love baking. It all started in 2013. I made my first no-bake cheesecake for myself as I was craving for it. For the next few months, my family and I ended up having cheesecakes almost every week! Then, I stopped ‘baking’. After a long period of nothingness, I found out about macarons. I eventually moved on after many unsuccessful attempts and baked a variety of baked goods including croissants!

I was determined to try out even more new recipes for 2014 and that’s exactly what I did! Now, I feel that baking has become more than just a hobby but a growing passion. I wanted to share the recipes I try (not just photos) and help others to start baking. This lead me to create this blog.

When I am not baking, I often find myself doing art projects and DIYs. I strive to be as creative as possible.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had fun visiting my blog!