Pre-Summer Experience

Initially, I was going to name this post as My Summer Experience but then I realized that the summer solstice isn’t until the next eight days (as of 13/6/15). Giving such a title would be an overstatement because I haven’t even lived through half the season, yet.

A couple of years prior to moving to Riyadh, my parents had the opportunity to perform Umrah during the school break in June. After what seemed like the longest two weeks of my life, they came home.

My dad once said about it being so hot that it felt like his face was on fire. Another thing that was told to me numerous times- even before departing- that the heat here is different from the one we experience in Malaysia. They call it dry heat (ironically, that word used to give me the chills). To make things worse, my mother who has also spent a couple of years living in Australia told me about her experience with dry heat in the land down under. She told me that it was so hot that the skin becomes dry before cracking. Even the lips may Read the rest of this entry »